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Class: coder.descriptor.SenderReceiverServiceInterface
Namespace: coder.descriptor

Return information about sender service interfaces

Since R2022b


senderInterfaces = getSenderInterfaces(senderReceiverInterfaceObj)


senderInterfaces = getSenderInterfaces(senderReceiverInterfaceObj) returns the coder.descriptor.DataInterface object that represents the sender service interface configuration.

Input Arguments

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Sender and receiver service interface object, specified as a coder.descriptor.SenderReceiverServiceInterface object. You can create this object by using the getServiceInterface method.

Output Arguments

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Sender service interface, returned as a coder.descriptor.DataInterface object or an array of coder.descriptor.DataInterface objects. The coder.descriptor.DataInterface object describes information about the specified data interface, such as the type of data, Simulink identifier, graphical name, timing, implementation, and variant information.

Version History

Introduced in R2022b