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Delete a target



deleteTarget(target) deletes the target represented by the Target object, H.

The function deletes the framework of a target. The framework is a set of folders and files that implements a target. This function also removes the framework folders from the MATLAB® path.


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Create an ARM Cortex-A target.

target = createTarget('My Target','ARM Cortex-A','c:/mytarget');

Save your target. This function updates the target framework and adds the necessary target folders to the MATLAB path.

Creating folders for the target 'My Target' in the folder 'c:/mytarget'...
Creating the framework for the target 'My Target'...
Registering the target 'My Target'...

Delete the target. This function removes framework and folders on the MATLAB path.


Input Arguments

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Handle to Target object.

Version History

Introduced in R2015a