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System Objects Supported by Fixed-Point Converter App

Use the Fixed-Point Converter app to automatically propose and apply data types for commonly used system objects. The proposed data types are based on simulation data from the System object™.

Automated conversion is available for these DSP System Toolbox™ System Objects:

The Fixed-Point Converter app can display simulation minimum and maximum values, whole number information, and histogram data.

  • You cannot propose data types for these System objects based on static range data.

  • You must configure the System object to use 'Custom' fixed-point settings.

  • The app applies the proposed data types only if the input signal is floating point, not fixed-point.

    The app treats scaled doubles as fixed-point. The scaled doubles workflow for System objects is the same as that for regular variables.

  • The app ignores the Default word length setting in the Settings menu. The app also ignores specified rounding and overflow modes. Data-type proposals are based on the settings of the System object.

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