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Model DDS Applications in Simulink

Configure DDS application models as Publishers and Subscribers to DDS Topics

After you have created DDS definitions for your application, you must ensure that your application model is constructed appropriately to connect to the DDS network and that you specify a DDS interface to facilitate that connection. To model your application as a Publisher or Subscriber, use the DDS Blockset blocks to adapt your model to send and receive data samples with the DDS network. With an appropriately constructed application model, configure a DDS interface to specify the Topic and Quality of Service (QoS) for the DataReaders and DataWriters in the modeled application.


Take DDS SampleReceive Data Samples from DDS network (Since R2021a)
Write DDS SampleSend Data Samples to DDS network (Since R2021a)


Code Mappings EditorConfigure DDS application inports and outports as DataReaders and DataWriters (Since R2021a)
DDS DictionaryManage DDS aspects of an application (Since R2021a)


Model Architecture and Design

DDS Interface Configuration