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Cancel subscription WDS data request



stop(c,requestid) cancels the Wind Data Feed Services (WDS) subscription data request specified by the request identifier using the WDS connection.


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Using a WDS connection, subscribe to two securities and process real-time events by using an event handler function. Then cancel the subscription.

Create a WDS connection.

c = wind;

Format output data for currency.

format bank

Using the 0002.HK and 0003.HK securities and the WDS connection, retrieve real-time data for the last price, volume, and last volume fields. Process real-time data events using the sample event handler function windEventHandler. You can use the sample event handler function or create a custom event handler function to process events.

s = {'0002.HK','0003.HK'};
f = {'rt_last','rt_vol','rt_last_vol'}};

requestid = realtime(c,s,f,@(varargin)windEventHandler(varargin))
requestid =



requestid is the request identifier associated with the subscription. The event handler function windEventHandler creates a variable in the MATLAB® workspace named winddata. This variable contains the subscription data.

Display the subscription data.

winddata =

  2×4 timetable

            Time              Codes      RT_LAST      RT_VOL       RT_LAST_VOL
    ____________________    _________    _______    ___________    ___________

    28-Nov-2017 10:55:25    '0002.HK'     81.30      2106274.00     422500.00 
    28-Nov-2017 10:55:25    '0003.HK'     15.28     19995745.00    1398000.00 

winddata is a timetable that contains a row for each security with the time and these variables:

  • Security

  • Last price

  • Volume

  • Last volume

Stop the data subscription using the request identifier.


Close the WDS connection.


Input Arguments

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WDS connection, specified as a connection object created with the wind function.

Request identifier, specified as a numeric scalar created by the realtime function.

Example: 5

Data Types: uint64

Version History

Introduced in R2018a