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MATLAB Compiler Licensing

Using MATLAB Compiler Licenses for Development

You can run MATLAB® Compiler™ from the MATLAB command prompt (MATLAB mode) or the DOS/UNIX® prompt (standalone mode).

MATLAB Compiler uses a lingering license. This has different behavior in MATLAB mode and standalone mode.

Running MATLAB Compiler in MATLAB Mode

When you run MATLAB Compiler from “inside” of the MATLAB environment, that is, you run mcc from the MATLAB command prompt, you hold the MATLAB Compiler license as long as MATLAB remains open. To give up the MATLAB Compiler license, exit MATLAB.

Running MATLAB Compiler in Standalone Mode

If you run MATLAB Compiler from a DOS or UNIX prompt, you are running from “outside” of MATLAB. In this case, MATLAB Compiler

  • Does not require MATLAB to be running on the system where MATLAB Compiler is running

  • Gives the user a dedicated 30-minute time allotment during which the user has complete ownership over a license to MATLAB Compiler

Each time a user requests MATLAB Compiler, the user begins a 30-minute time period as the sole owner of the MATLAB Compiler license. Anytime during the 30-minute segment, if the same user requests MATLAB Compiler , the user gets a new 30-minute allotment. When the 30-minute interval has elapsed, if a different user requests MATLAB Compiler , the new user gets the next 30-minute interval.

When a user requests MATLAB Compiler and a license is not available, the user receives the message

Error: Could not check out a Compiler License.

This message is given when no licenses are available. As long as licenses are available, the user gets the license and no message is displayed. The best way to guarantee that all MATLAB Compiler users have constant access to MATLAB Compiler is to have an adequate supply of licenses for your users.