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Passing By Reference Not Supported for Some Properties

The code generator does not support passing a property by reference to an external function for these types of properties:

  • A property with a get method or a set method.

  • A property that uses validation functions.

  • A System object™ property with an attribute, such as Logical or PositiveInteger, that constrains or modifies the property value.

Instead of passing a property by reference, save the property value in a temporary variable. Then, pass the temporary variable by reference to the external function. After the external function call, assign the temporary variable to the property. For example:

tmp = myObj.prop;
coder.ceval('myFcn', coder.ref(tmp));
myObj.prop = tmp;
The assignment after the coder.ceval call validates or modifies the property value according to the property access methods, validation functions, or attributes.

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