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Mass Spectrometry and Bioanalytics

Data from separation techniques that produce traces with peaks, including MS, LC/MS, NMR, chromatography, and electrophoresis

Mass spectrometry and other bioanalytical techniques are essential in biological research to identify and quantify various biomolecules, such as proteins. The toolbox lets you import raw mass spectrometry data from various instruments. You can preprocess such data and improve its quality by normalizing, correcting the baseline of peak signals, and resampling high-resolution data. Characterize the data by detecting peaks and aligning them with references. Detect potential biomarkers by using statistical and machine learning algorithms.

  • Data Import
    Import signal data from MZCDF, MZXML, JCAMP, TGSPC, SFF, and SCF files
  • Preprocessing
    Prepare raw or centroided signal data for analysis
  • Spectrum and Signal Analysis
    Pattern or compound identification; alignment and calibration of spectra and signals to peaks and other data sets

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