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Estimation Equivalent Circuit Battery

Resistor-capacitor (RC) circuit battery that creates lookup tables

  • Library:
  • Powertrain Blockset / Energy Storage and Auxiliary Drive / Network Battery


The Estimation Equivalent Circuit Battery block implements a resistor-capacitor (RC) circuit battery model that you can use to create lookup tables for the Equivalent Circuit Battery block. The lookup tables are functions of the state-of-charge (SOC).

The Estimation Equivalent Circuit Battery block calculates the combined voltage of the network battery using parameter lookup tables. The tables are functions of the SOC. To acquire the SOC, the block integrates the charge and discharge currents.

Specifically, the block implements these parameters as lookup tables that are functions of the SOC:

  • Series resistance, Ro=ƒ(SOC)

  • Battery open-circuit voltage, Em=ƒ(SOC)

  • Network resistance, Rn=ƒ(SOC)

  • Network capacitance, Cn=ƒ(SOC)

To calculate the combined voltage of the battery network, the block uses these equations.


Positive current indicates battery discharge. Negative current indicates battery charge.

The equations use these variables.




Battery open-circuit voltage


Per module battery current


Combined current flowing from the battery network


Series resistance


Number of RC pairs in series

Vout, VT

Combined voltage of the battery network


Voltage for n-th RC pair


Resistance for n-th RC pair


Capacitance for n-th RC pair


Battery capacity



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Combined current flowing from the battery network, Iin, in A.


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Bus signal containing these block calculations.



Voltage for n-th RC pair


Combined voltage of the battery network, Vout, in V.

Battery state-of-charge, SOC.


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Core Battery

Number of series RC pairs. For lithium, typically 1 or 2.

Open-circuit voltage table, Em, in V. Function of SOC.

Series resistance table, Ro, in ohms. Function of SOC.

State-of-charge (SOC) breakpoints, dimensionless.

Battery capacity, Cbatt, in Ah.

Initial battery capacity, Cbatto, in Ah.

Initial capacitor voltage, in V. Dimension of vector must equal the Number of series RC pairs.

R and C Table Data

Network resistance table data for n-th RC pair, as a function of SOC, in ohms.

Network capacitance table data for n-th RC pair, as a function of SOC, in F.

Cell Limits

Upper voltage limit, in V.

Lower voltage limit, in V.


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