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Visualize magnitude response of graphic equalizer


visualize(equalizer) plots the magnitude response of the graphicEQ object, equalizer. The plot is updated automatically when properties of the object change.


visualize(equalizer,NFFT) specifies an N-point FFT used to calculate the magnitude response.


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Create a default object of the graphicEQ System object™ and then call visualize.

equalizer = graphicEQ;

Set the gains of the graphic equalizer to new values. The visualization of the magnitude response updates automatically.

equalizer.Gains = [-1,1,2,3,3,2,-10,5,5,-10];

Input Arguments

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Graphic equalizer whose magnitude response you want to plot.

Number of bins used to calculate the DFT, specified as a positive scalar.

Data Types: single | double

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Introduced in R2017b