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Multiple Aircraft with Collaborative Control

This example shows the simulation of multiple aircraft in formation flight. For easy updates and the specification of arbitrary numbers of vehicles, the example is vectorized. To perform their avoidance task, this set of aircraft uses cooperative control.

To help identify Aerospace Blockset™ blocks, this model uses color coding. The red blocks are Aerospace Blockset blocks, the orange blocks are subsystems that contain additional Aerospace Blockset blocks, and the white blocks are Simulink® blocks.

The simulation uses Simulink and Aerospace Blockset software, which allow for a hierarchal block diagram representation to include the control laws, vehicle models, and visualization.


The MATLAB® Animation Display subsystem contains the MATLAB® Animation block from Aerospace Blockset to visualize the simulation.

There are three types of bodies:

  • A blue body is first in the formation. It is the target of the camera.

  • Red bodies are the second and third bodies in the formation.

  • Two black bodies represent the obstacles.


The basis of this simulation comes from previous research performed in the study of aircraft formation flight in the context of cooperative game theory and the natural aggregate motion of flocking birds, schooling fish, and the herding of land animals.

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