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Celestial Phenomena

Calculate position and velocity of bodies

Calculate the position and velocity of celestial bodies and implement Earth nutation and Moon librations. Download ephemeris data for the celestial phenomena blocks using the aeroDataPackage function. To convert these coordinates to Earth-centered Earth-fixed (ECEF), use the Direction Cosine Matrix ECI to ECEF block. Extract and return solar flux and geomagnetic index.


Delta UT1Calculate difference between principal Universal Time (UT1) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) according to International Astronomical Union (IAU) 2000A reference system
Earth NutationImplement Earth nutation
Earth Orientation ParametersCalculate Earth orientation parameters (EOP)
Planetary EphemerisImplement position and velocity of astronomical objects
Moon LibrationImplement Moon librations
Solar Flux and Geomagnetic IndexReturn solar flux and geomagnetic index (Since R2023a)