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Extract PBCH Symbols and Channel Estimates for Decoding

Extract physical broadcast channel (PBCH) symbols from a received grid and associated channel estimates in preparation for decoding a beamformed PBCH.

PBCH Coding and Beamforming

Create a random sequence of binary values corresponding to a BCH codeword. The length of the codeword is 864, as specified in TS 38.212 Section 7.1.5. Using the codeword, create symbols and indices for a PBCH transmission. Specify the physical layer cell identity number.

E = 864;
cw = randi([0 1],E,1);
ncellid = 17;
v = 0;
pbchTxSym = nrPBCH(cw,ncellid,v);
pbchInd = nrPBCHIndices(ncellid);

Use nrExtractResources to create indices for the two transmit antennas of a beamformed PBCH. Use these indices to map the beamformed PBCH into the transmitter resource array.

carrier = nrCarrierConfig('NSizeGrid',20);
P = 2;
txGrid = nrResourceGrid(carrier,P);
F = [1 1i];
[~,bfInd] = nrExtractResources(pbchInd,txGrid);
txGrid(bfInd) = pbchTxSym*F;

OFDM modulate the PBCH symbols mapped into the transmitter resource array.

txWaveform = nrOFDMModulate(carrier,txGrid);

PBCH Transmission and Decoding

Create and apply a channel matrix to the waveform. Receive the transmitted waveforms.

R = 3;
H = dftmtx(max([P R]));
H = H(1:P,1:R);
H = H/norm(H);
rxWaveform = txWaveform*H;

Create channel estimates including beamforming.

 hEstGrid = repmat(permute(H.'*F.',[3 4 1 2]),[240 4]);
 nEst = 0;

Demodulate the received waveform using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM).

 rxGrid = nrOFDMDemodulate(carrier,rxWaveform);

In preparation for PBCH decoding, extract symbols from the received grid and the channel estimate grid.

[pbchRxSym,pbchHestSym] = nrExtractResources(pbchInd,rxGrid,hEstGrid);
title('Received PBCH Constellation'); 

Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with title Received PBCH Constellation contains 3 objects of type line.

Equalize the symbols by performing MMSE equalization on the extracted resources. Plot the results.

pbchEqSym = nrEqualizeMMSE(pbchRxSym,pbchHestSym,nEst);
title('Equalized PBCH Constellation');

Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with title Equalized PBCH Constellation contains an object of type line.

Retrieve soft bits by performing PBCH decoding on the equalized symbols.

pbchBits = nrPBCHDecode(pbchEqSym,ncellid,v)
pbchBits = 864×1
1010 ×


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