Find USRP® Devices Connected To Computer

If you are not sure which USRP® [1] radio devices are connected to your computer, you can use a helper function to find them.

Type the following at the MATLAB® command line:

radios = findsdru

The variable, radios, is a structure that contains information on the USRP® radios connected to the host computer.

  • If you get a successful status, it means that MATLAB can communicate with the USRP® radio and the radio is ready to be used.

  • If the function cannot find a radio, MATLAB returns an empty IPAddress field or a status other than Success. See the section on Common Problems and Fixes for possible causes and solutions.

  • If the function finds one or more radios, MATLAB displays a message similar to the following.

    • The IPAddress field is the IP address of the USRP® radio.

    • The Status field is the status of the radio. Type radios.Status in the command window and press enter to see status value.

    In this example, the USRP® IP address is and its status is USRPDriverSuccess. The successful status indicates that MATLAB can communicate with the USRP® radio and the radio is ready to be used.

    If you encounter difficulties communicating with the radio from MATLAB, see Common Problems and Fixes.


    The displayed screen includes messages from the UHD driver, delimited by --- begin libuhd driver construction output --- and --- end libuhd driver construction output --- or --- begin libuhd status message output --- and --- end libuhd status message output ---. These messages are usually benign, but in some cases they may refer to steps that you can take to increase the performance of the USRP® radio connection. Follow the recommended steps when suitable. You can also refer to the section Common Problems and Fixes.

After you have found radios attached to your computer, you can use the function probesdru to get detailed information about a particular USRP® radio.

[1] USRP, USRP2, UHD, and Ettus Research are trademarks of National Instruments Corp.