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LED Text Scroll

Create scrolling text for BBC micro:bit

  • Library:
  • Simulink Coder Support Package for BBC micro:bit/LED


The LED Text Scroll block creates scrolling text from an input string. The scrolling text can then be sent as input to a 5x5 LED Matrix block. The 5x5 LED Matrix block then displays the text on the micro:bit board.


  • A maximum of 254 characters can be displayed.

  • Only capital letters can be displayed.



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The port accepts data as an N-by-1 or 1-by-N array. The data can include capital letters and the numerals 0-9. Any other character is displayed as a minus sign on the micro:bit.


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The port outputs data as a 2-D, 5-by-5 vector array, which can be sent to a 5x5 LED Matrix block. The 5x5 LED Matrix block can then take that data and display the text on micro:bit.


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The speed at which you want the text to scroll. A higher number results in a faster scroll speed.

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Introduced in R2017b