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Build the model that loads and runs an executable on the target hardware.

With the Embedded Coder® Support Package for Intel® SoC Devices, Simulink® models can be deployed and run directly to connected Intel SoC hardware boards. The guides provided show the how to use Simulink to build, deploy, and run your model on the hardware board.


Build and Run Executable on Intel SoC Platform

Build and run executable on Intel SoC platform.

Stop or Restart Executable Running on Intel SoC Platform

Stop or restart an executable running on Intel SoC platform.

Get the IP Address of Intel SoC Device

You can get the IP address of the Intel SoC hardware from the MATLAB® Command Window or using the Linux® command line.

Sending PING Request to Intel SoC Device

Process to PING an Intel SoC hardware board connected to your development computer

Code Verification and Validation with PIL and External Mode

This example shows you how to use Embedded Coder™ Support Package for Intel® SoC Devices for code verification and validation using PIL and External Mode.

External Mode

Overview of the operation of external with attached hardware boards.

Timeout Connection Error

If a connection timeout error occurs while the executable is downloading to the Intel SoC platform, try these steps: