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Class: slreq.Justification
Namespace: slreq

Return parent requirement set


rsout = reqSet(jt)


rsout = reqSet(jt) returns the parent requirement set rsout. The justification jt belongs to rsout.

Input Arguments

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Justification, specified as an slreq.Justification object.

Output Arguments

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The parent requirement set of the justification jt, returned as an slreq.ReqSet object.


Query Requirement Set Information

% Load a new requirement set file and select one justification
rs = slreq.load('C:\MATLAB\My_Requirements_Set_1.slreqx');
allJustifications = find(rs, 'Type', 'Justification');
jt = allJustifications(1);

% Query which requirement set jt belongs to

ans = 

  ReqSet with properties:

             Description: ''
                    Name: 'My_Requirements_Set_1'
                Filename: 'C:\MATLAB\My_Requirements_Set_1.slreqx'
                Revision: 65
                   Dirty: 0
    CustomAttributeNames: {}
               CreatedBy: 'John Doe'
               CreatedOn: 17-Dec-2016 10:02:30
              ModifiedBy: 'Jane Doe'
              ModifiedOn: 01-May-2016 11:20:21

Version History

Introduced in R2018b

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