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Troubleshoot Folder Names with Spaces or Special Characters Halt Model Builds

When a space character appears the file path, my Simulink® Real-Time™ model build reports an error:

Simulink Real-Time model build cannot use a file path with spaces for model build directory.

When a special character, such as an open parenthesis character "(", appears in the file path, my model build reports an error:

Error(s) encountered while building "xxxx"

What This Issue Means

For the Simulink Real-Time model build … message or for the Error(s) encountered while building … message, message indicates that a space character or special character appears in the file path. The QNX® Neutrino® toolchain for the code generation target is not compatible with file paths that contain spaces or special characters, the model build halts and does not output a real-time application.

Try This Workaround

Try these workaround options to resolve the model build errors.

Create a Build Folder

Create a folder name that does not have spaces or special characters in it. Build your model in that folder.

Map the Build Folder

Map the folder name or path that has spaces or special characters in it to a folder name or path without spaces or special characters. Build your model in the mapped folder.

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