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Troubleshoot ETAS Inca Operation

Investigate issues that can occur when ETAS® Inca controls a real-time application.

My third-party calibration tool (ETAS Inca) is not working with the real-time application.

What This Issue Means

You can use the ETAS Inca tool to view signals and tune parameters in the real-time application. For more information, see the steps in Prepare ASAP2 Data Description File. In addition to the limitations listed in ETAS Inca Limitations, there are various issues that can prevent the operation of this tool.

Try This Workaround

For ETAS Inca tool issues, try these workarounds.

Simulation Data Inspector in Use

Simulation Data Inspector and the third-party calibration tools (Vector CANape® and ETAS Inca) are mutually exclusive. If you use the Simulation Data Inspector to view signal data, you cannot use the calibration tools. If you use the calibration tools, you cannot use the Simulation Data Inspector to view signal data.

Client Cannot Connect

Check the IP address of the target computer associated with the model and compare it to the address stored in the ASAP2 file.

ASAP2 File Out of Date

When you rebuild a Simulink® Real-Time™ application, update the ASAP2 file loaded in the calibration tool with the new version of the file. The ASAP2 file is valid only until the next time that you build the application.

Cannot Disable Freeze Mode

Remove the dataset file from the target file system and reset the parameters to the original values specified in your model. The dataset file is named flashdata_model_name.dat.

Transport Layer Failure

When a transport layer failure occurs, ETAS Inca can display this message:

ERROR: Transport Layer Failure, Inconsistent MsgCounter

This error appears in ETAS Inca when the incorrect setting is used for 'Counter Consistency Mode'. Make sure that the 'Counter Consistency Mode' is set to 'one counter for all CTOs+DTOs' in the hardware settings for your experiment.

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