Export Model Coverage Web View

You can export a Model Coverage Web View for your model. A Web View is an interactive rendition of a model that you can view in a Web browser. A Model Coverage Web View includes model coverage highlighting and analysis information from the Coverage Display Window, as described in View Coverage Results in a Model.

Use the Results Explorer to generate a Model Coverage Web View. After you record coverage, select Analysis > Coverage > Open Results Explorer. In the Results Explorer, open the Settings, select Generate Web View Report, and click Apply.

Next, select the Current Cumulative Data click Generate report.

When you generate a coverage report for your model with these settings enabled, the software generates a Model Coverage Web View that you can open in a browser. To see model coverage information for a block in a Model Coverage Web View, click that block. The model coverage data appears in the Informer pane, below the model.

For more information, see Web Views (Simulink Report Generator).