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cvdata object name

Name of workspace variable that contains coverage results

Model Configuration Pane: Coverage


The cvdata object name parameter specifies the variable name of the cvdata object in the MATLAB® workspace that contains the coverage results from simulating the model.

If you want a new variable for each simulation, select the Increment variable name with each simulation parameter. Consecutive simulations create variables in the MATLAB workspace by appending a counter value to the original name, for example, coverageData1, coverageData2, and so on.


To enable this parameter, select the Enable coverage analysis and Save last run in workspace variable parameters.


covdata (default) | string

Enter a name for the cvdata object variable. For example, coverageData.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: CovSaveName
Type: character vector | string
Default: 'covdata'

Version History

Introduced before R2006a