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LicenseName property

Class: ModelAdvisor.Task
Package: ModelAdvisor

Product license names required to display and run task


Cell array of product license names

Default: {} (empty cell array)


The LicenseName property specifies a cell array of names for product licenses required to display and run the check.

When the Model Advisor starts, it tests whether the product license exists. If you do not meet the license requirements, the Model Advisor does not display the check.

The Model Advisor performs a checkout of the product licenses when you run the custom check. If you do not have the product licenses available, you see an error message that the required license is not available.

If you specify ModelAdvisor.Check.LicenseName, the Model Advisor displays the check when the union of both properties is true.


To find the text for license strings, type help license at the MATLAB® command line.