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Signal Builder

Create and generate interchangeable groups of signals whose waveforms are piecewise linear

The Signal Builder block has been removed. Use Signal Editor instead. For more information on why you should migrate your models, see Migrate from Signal Builder Block to Signal Editor Block.

  • Signal Builder block


The Signal Builder block allows you to create interchangeable groups of piecewise linear signal sources and use them in a model. You can quickly switch the signal groups into and out of a model to facilitate testing. In the Signal Builder window, create signals and define the output waveforms. To open the window, double-click the block. See Signal Groups.


Use the signalbuilder function to create and access Signal Builder blocks programmatically.

Migrating from Signal Builder Blocks

The Signal Builder block is no longer a recommended block due to lack of support for:

  • Standard Simulink® data types

  • Simulink units

  • Signals with different sample times

  • set_param and get_param

  • Storage of signal data outside the model, such as MAT-files

  • Exporting to Excel® files

Instead, consider using the Signal Editor block, which is functionally similar. To migrate the block configurations from a Signal Builder block to Signal Editor block use the signalBuilderToSignalEditor function. For more information, see Replace Signal Builder Block with Signal Editor Block.



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First output signal from the signal group currently visible in the Signal Builder window.

Data Types: double | bus

nth output signal from the signal group currently visible in the Signal Builder window. n corresponds to the signal index.

Data Types: double | bus

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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R2019a: Signal Builder Block is not Recommended

The Signal Builder block is not recommended. Use the Signal Editor block instead.