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Block behavior depends on frame status of signal

Diagnostic behavior when block behavior depends on frame status of signal

Model Configuration Pane: Diagnostics / Compatibility


Select the diagnostic action to take when a model contains a block whose behavior depends on the frame status of the signal.

Frame status is no longer a valid signal attribute. The blocks in the model must determine whether they process the signal as frames of data or as samples of data. This diagnostic helps you identify whether any of the blocks in your model rely on the frame status of a signal. If you do have such blocks in your model, use the Upgrade Advisor. The Upgrade Advisor helps you upgrade existing models to the current release, and improve models to use the latest features and settings in Simulink®. For more information, see Model Upgrades.


Frame-based processing requires a DSP System Toolbox™ license.

Category: Diagnostics


error (default) | warning | none

The software does not issue a diagnostic.


The software issues a warning.


The software terminates simulation and issues an error.

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyNo impact
Safety precautionNo impact

Programmatic Use

Parameter: FrameProcessingCompatibilityMsg
Value: 'none' | 'warning' | 'error'
Default: 'error'

Version History

Introduced in R2011b