Class: matlab.DiscreteEventSystem
Package: matlab

Event action upon successful resource acquisition


[entity,event,out1,...] = resourceAcquired(obj,storage,entity,resources,tag,in1,...)


[entity,event,out1,...] = resourceAcquired(obj,storage,entity,resources,tag,in1,...) specifies event action for a discrete-event System object™ upon successful acquisition of a resource. Resource acquisition is successful only if all of the specified resources are acquired.

Input Arguments

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Discrete-event System object.

Index of the storage element.

Entity that acquires the resource. Entity has these fields:

  • sys (MATLAB structure) consisting of:

    • id (double) — Entity ID

    • priority (double) — Entity priority

  • data — Entity data

An array of structures that specifies the resources that have been acquired.

Tag of the currently executing resource acquisition event.

First data input.

Output Arguments

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Entity acquiring the resource.

Events to be scheduled. Use matlab.DiscreteEventSystem class methods to create events. Each event has these fields:

  • type (character vector) — Type of the event

  • delay (double) — Delay before the event

  • priority (double) — Priority of the event

  • storage (double) — Index of the storage element

  • tag (character vector) — Event tag

  • location (MATLAB structure) — Source or destination (see source)

First data output.


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Suppose that an entity acquires resources successfully with a scheduled eventAcquireResource and the tag of this event is MyResourceAcquireEvent. Then this acquisition invokes the resourceAcquired method to forward entities to the output.

function [entity,events] = entry(obj, storage, entity, source)
  % On entry, acquire one resource of type Resource1.
  resRequest = obj.resourceSpecification('Resource1', 1);
  events = obj.eventAcquireResource(resRequest, 'MyResourceAcquireEvent');       
function [entity,events] = resourceAcquired(obj, storage,...  
                            entity, resources, MyResourceAcquireEvent )
  % After resource acquisition with MyResourceAcquireEvent, forward 
  % the entity to the output.                    
  events = obj.eventForward('output', storage, 0.0);

Introduced in R2019a