Class: matlab.DiscreteEventSystem
Package: matlab

Create entity timer event




event=eventTimer(tag,delay) creates an event to delay an entity for a period of time. You can then schedule the timer by returning it as the output argument when implementing an event action method, such as entry.

Input Arguments

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Custom tag of this entity timer event.

Time delay between current simulation time and the time that this timer event will be executed.

Output Arguments

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Event that delays the entity in current event action context for a period of time.


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Define a timer event.

function [entity,event] = entry(obj,storage,entity,src)        
    % Define a timer event
    % - The event is regarding the entity in current event action context
    % - The event has a custom tag 'timeout'
    % - The event will be executed 3.0 seconds later
    event = obj.eventTimer('timeout', 3.0);     

Introduced in R2016a