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Generate a Report Using a Template

  1. In Report Explorer, in the outline pane, select the top-level component of the report.

  2. In the dialog box, set File format to one of these options, depending on whether the root component is a Form component or a Report component:

    Form ComponentReport Component
    Direct PDFDirect PDF (from template)
    HTMLHTML (from template)
    Multipage HTML (since R2024a)Multipage HTML (from template)
    PDF (from Word)PDF (from Word template)
    Single-File HTMLSingle-File HTML (from template)
    WordWord (from template)

  3. Optionally, from the list of templates available for the current file format, select a template.

  4. If you select HTML (from template) or Multipage HTML (from template) for the file format, choose a packaging option for the output files.

    • Unzipped — Generate the report files in a subfolder of the current folder. The subfolder has the report name.

    • Zipped — Package report files in a single compressed file that has the report name, with a .zip extension.

    • Both Zipped and Unzipped

  5. In the toolbar, click the Report button .

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