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Decompress LAZ Files

RoadRunner software does not support some LAZ files, resulting in this error: "The LAZ schema is not recognized". To resolve this issue, you can decompress the LAZ file into an LAS file.

Decompression Process

  1. To get started, on Windows®, get the latest version of LASzip (found here). To get started on Linux®, build an executable for your operating system.

  2. For both operating systems, run the LASzip executable.


    LASzip can sometimes have strange behavior when clicking or selecting in the interface. To fix this issue, try maximizing the LASzip window or increasing the window size.

  3. Click browse.

  4. Find the desired LAZ file on your system. You can go to a specific directory using the directory field and clicking go.


    To add multiple LAZ files, you can use the wildcard field to specify which types of files to add. Then click add. This action adds all the files fitting that wildcard in the currently browsed directory.

  5. Adjust settings for output and processor usage in the upper-right corner of the window. Then click Decompress.

  6. Click Start to run the decompression.

  7. Once the RUN window closes, the decompression is complete. Assuming default settings, you can find your LAS files beside your LAZ files in the same directory.