BodyLoadAssignment Properties

Body load assignments

A BodyLoadAssignment object contains a description of the body loads for a structural analysis model. A StructuralModel container has a vector of BodyLoadAssignment objects in its BodyLoads.BodyLoadAssignments property.

To create body load assignments for your structural analysis model, use the structuralBodyLoad function.

Properties of BodyLoadAssignment

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Region type, returned as 'Face' for a 2-D region or 'Cell' for a 3-D region.

Data Types: char | string

Region ID, returned as a vector of positive integers. To determine which ID corresponds to which portion of the geometry, use the pdegplot function, setting 'FaceLabels' to 'on'.

Data Types: double

Acceleration due to gravity, returned as a numeric vector. This property must be specified in units consistent with the geometry and material properties units.

Example: structuralBodyLoad(structuralmodel,'GravitationalAcceleration',[0,0,-9.8])

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2017b