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Display path to server instance that is currently using configured port from command line on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems


mps-which [-C [path/]server_name]


mps-which [-C [path/]server_name] is useful when running multiple server instances on the same machine. If you attempt to start two server instances on the same port, the latter server instance fails to start, displaying an address-in-use error. mps-which identifies which server instance is using the port.

Input Arguments

-C path/

Specify a path to the server instance. If this option is omitted, the current working folder and its parents are searched to find the server instance.


Server to be queried for path.


server_1 and server_2, both residing in folder tmp, are configured to use to same port, defined by the http configuration property.

Run mps-which from the system command prompt for both servers:

mps-which -C /tmp/server_1
mps-which -C /tmp/server_2

In both cases, the server that has allocated the configured port displays (server_1):



  • If you are creating a server instance in the current working folder, you do not need to specify a full path. Specify only the server name.

Version History

Introduced in R2012b

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