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이 예제에서는 'help' 명령을 사용하여 MATLAB의 도움말을 표시하는 방법을 보여줍니다.

'help' 명령은 명령 창에 주요 도움말 항목을 모두 나열합니다. 'help name' 형식은 이름으로 지정된 기능(예: 함수, 메서드, 클래스 또는 변수)에 대한 도움말 텍스트를 표시합니다.

disp('Display help for the ''close'' function.')
disp('>> help close')
help close
Display help for the 'close' function.
>> help close
 CLOSE  Close figure.
    CLOSE(H) closes the window with handle H.
    CLOSE, by itself, closes the current figure window.
    CLOSE('name') closes the named window.
    CLOSE ALL  closes all the open figure windows.
    CLOSE ALL HIDDEN  closes hidden windows as well.
    CLOSE ALL FORCE  unconditionally closes all windows by deleting them
    without executing the close request function.
    STATUS = CLOSE(...) returns 1 if the specified windows were closed
    and 0 otherwise.
    See also DELETE.

    Other functions named close

       instrument/close    serial/close

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