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Create Collections and Groups

When you author or copy coding problems, MATLAB® Grader™ stores them in collections, consisting of groups of coding problems. Groups can help you organize coding problems.

As you build your content repository, you can add other collections to suit your needs. Later, you can use these coding problems in courses you create, either in MATLAB Grader or in an integrated LMS.

Collections can access all MathWorks products and toolboxes, regardless of what is on your license.

Add Collections and Groups

  1. From your MATLAB Grader home page, click Courses and Content. Under Content, click ADD COLLECTION.

  2. From within a collection, click ADD GROUP. Repeat this step for as many groups as you want within this collection.

Add Coding Problems to a Collection

  • When you are viewing a group within a collection, click ADD PROBLEM to add a coding problem to that group.

  • From your MATLAB Grader home page, you can click ADD PROBLEM within any collection.

  • From the MathWorks® Problem Catalog, select a coding problem, and then click Copy. MATLAB Grader prompts you to specify a collection and group.

Organize Collections

  • To view all your collections, go to your MATLAB Grader home page and look under Content.

  • You can reorder groups and coding problems within a collection. Click REORDER CONTENT and then drag and drop the item you want to move to where you want it.

  • To delete a collection:

    • You must be the owner of the collection you want to delete.

    • The collection must be empty. If it is not, you must first delete all the coding problems in the collection.

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