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Register Servers

Before using COM objects, you must register their servers. Most are registered by default. However, if you get a new .ocx, .dll, or other object file for the server, you must register the file manually in the Windows® registry.

Use the Windows regsvr32 command to register your file. From the Windows prompt, use the cd function to go to the folder containing the object file. If your object file is an .ocx file, type:

regsvr32 filename.ocx

If you encounter problems with this procedure, consult a Windows manual or contact your local system administrator.

Access COM Controls Created with .NET

If you create a COM control using Microsoft® .NET Framework 4, use the DOS regasm command with the /codebase option to register your file.

Verify Registration

To verify that a server is registered, refer to your Microsoft product documentation for information about using Microsoft Visual Studio® or the Microsoft Registry Editor programs.