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Use MATLAB Online Hosted by Your Organization

If your organization hosts MATLAB® Online™ using MATLAB Online Server™, then you can access MATLAB Online from a standard web browser and log in using your organization credentials. In this environment, your IT administrator configures the network drives, local storage folders, MATLAB versions, and MATLAB add-ons that you can access.

MATLAB Online also includes support for Simulink® Online. (since R2023b)

Access MATLAB Online

You can access MATLAB Online from most modern web browsers running on Windows®, Mac, Linux®, and Chrome® OS, including the current versions of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome®

  • Mozilla® Firefox®

  • Apple Safari

  • Microsoft Edge®

For the best overall experience, use Google Chrome.

To access MATLAB Online:

  1. In your browser, enter the URL to the MATLAB Online login page provided by your IT administrator. A typical URL has this format, where myorganization is the name of your organization.
  2. From the login page, log in to MATLAB Online using your organization credentials. If you do not know your credentials or have questions about the login process, contact your administrator.

  3. If your administrator set up multiple MATLAB versions, then after you log in, select from the available options you have access to (for example, R2024a and R2024a with GPU). If you do not have access to a version of MATLAB that you expect, contact your administrator.

You can now begin using MATLAB Online. If you experience any of these issues when logging in, contact your administrator.

  • MATLAB Online stops responding during the login process.

  • You receive a message the maximum number of licenses has been exceeded.

  • You receive an error that no resources are available.


You can open only one MATLAB Online session at a time. You cannot run multiple session in different browser tabs, for example.

Manage Files and Folders

MATLAB Online integrates with your network file system as defined by your administrator. The Current Folder Browser displays the root of this file system. From this folder, you can navigate to the files and folders you have access to. If you do have access to the files or folders that you expect, contact your administrator.

Upload and Download Files

  • To upload a file, on the Home tab, click Upload. Alternatively, drag and drop your file into the Current Folder browser.

  • To download a file, on the Home tab, click Download. You must have access to the file to download it.

Specify File Names

Because MATLAB Online Server hosts MATLAB Online on a Linux platform, MATLAB recognizes only the Linux file path format, such as the forward slash (/) for file path separators. This behavior is true even if you log in to MATLAB Online from a Windows machine.

To avoid specifying file separators altogether, construct file paths using the fullfile function. This functions builds full file names from component parts with the appropriate file separator characters, which is especially useful if you plan to share your code with people running MATLAB on different platforms. For example:


Other functions that are useful for working with files and paths include:

  • filesep — Return the platform specific file separator character.

  • fileparts — Get the parts of a filename.

  • path — View or change the MATLAB search path.

  • pathsep — Get the search path separator for current platform.

Manage Add-Ons

MATLAB add-ons encompass a wide variety of resources, including products, apps, support packages, and toolboxes. For add-ons published by MathWorks®, your IT administrator must install them.

Depending on how your administrator configured the server, you might be able to install third-party toolboxes from the Add-On Explorer. For details, see Get and Manage Add-Ons.

MATLAB Online Server does not support all MathWorks products or functionality. For a complete list of supported software, see MATLAB Online Server Specifications and Limitations.

Customize Layout

Most of the options used to customize the MATLAB desktop layout also apply to customizing the MATLAB Online layout. For details, see Change Desktop Layout.

Some of the key differences include:

  • MATLAB Online defaults to a two-column layout instead of a three-column layout.

  • Undocking tools and documents is not supported in MATLAB Online.

  • Instead of opening in new browser windows, some apps in MATLAB Online open in new browser tabs.

Navigate Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Because MATLAB Online runs in a browser, keyboard navigation in MATLAB Online differs slightly from keyboard navigation on the MATLAB desktop. For a list of keyboard shortcuts, see the MATLAB Online sections in Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate MATLAB.

Keyboard shortcut limitations include:

  • Saving workspace variables using Ctrl+S is not supported.

  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts is not supported.

Use Source Control

If your IT administrator has configured a home directory on a network drive that can be shared between your computer and MATLAB, you can use Git™ source control to interact with GitHub® repositories from MATLAB Online. The folder and files you interact with in this shared directory are shown in the MATLAB folder browser. For more details, see Use Git in MATLAB.

Before R2021b: Use command-line Git source control. For example, to clone a public repository:

!git clone
To clone a private repository, provide your username and password to the repository.
!git clone

Connect to Hardware

MATLAB Online cannot interact with most hardware, including instrument control. However, these exceptions apply:

End MATLAB Session

When you are done using MATLAB, sign out to end your session. If you close your browser without signing out, the session remains active until the session timeout limit is reached. The default is 15 minutes. If MATLAB Online detects 15 consecutive minutes of inactivity, it logs you out of the session. If you need a longer session timeout limit, contact your administrator.

When you log out, MATLAB Online automatically saves and restores these items between sessions:

  • MATLAB path

  • MATLAB settings and preferences

  • Files in your home folder

The following items are not automatically saved and restored between sessions:

  • Workspace variables

  • Dynamic Java® classpath

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