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MATLAB Online Server System Requirements

Intended Audience

The installation and configuration of MATLAB® Online Server™ is intended for an IT administrator with experience in these areas:

  • Installation and management of Linux® systems

  • Configuration of authentication and authorization protocols such as OIDC and OAuth 2.0

  • Configuration of networking settings such as IP addresses and DNS entries

  • Observation of operational systems using logs and monitoring systems

Knowledge of Kubernetes®, containers, and microservice architectures is helpful but not required. For background details on these concepts as they apply to MATLAB Online Server, see Host MATLAB Online on Your Infrastructure.

Supported Platforms

MATLAB Online Server is compatible with Linux only.

Supported operating systems:

  • Ubuntu® 20.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS

  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux™ 7.7–7.9, 8.x, 9.x

  • CentOS® 7.7–7.8, 8.x, 9.x

Supported architectures:

  • x86-64

Software Requirements


MATLAB Online Server runs as a set of microservices on a Kubernetes cluster. If you are installing MATLAB Online Server on an existing Kubernetes cluster, then you must install a version of Kubernetes supported for your MATLAB Online Server release.

The table shows the Kubernetes versions supported for the last six MATLAB Online Server releases.

MATLAB Online Server VersionKubernetes Versions Supported

If you are installing MATLAB Online Server on its own Kubernetes cluster, such as for a test or offline installation, then during the installation process, you call the mosadm bootstrap-node command to install the required version of Kubernetes for you. For more details, see the step on installing Kubernetes and MATLAB Online Server in Perform Minimal MATLAB Online Server Installation on Single Machine (test installations) or Perform Offline MATLAB Online Server Installation (offline installations).

Container Management Tool

To manage the Docker® images that you use to install MATLAB and MATLAB Online Server, you must have one of these container management tools:

  • Docker 20 or higher

  • Podman 2 or higher

If you do not have a container management tool installed already, then one is installed for you when you install MATLAB Online Server. On Ubuntu systems, Docker is installed. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS systems, Podman is installed.


MATLAB Online Server supports network file system (NFS) versions 2 and 3.

This requirement applies only if you are configuring MATLAB file storage using an NFS drive. For more details, see NFS.

Hardware Requirements

Each computer on which you install MATLAB Online Server must meet or exceed the minimum hardware recommendations. System requirements for MATLAB Online Server installations can vary based on many factors, including the number of users and the number and size of MATLAB Docker images. If the setup program determines that your computer does not meet the following recommendations, you get a warning, but you can continue with the setup process.


Do not install MATLAB Online Server in a cluster where other resource-intensive applications are also running.

For a single MATLAB Online Server instance with one version of MATLAB installed, calculate the total amount of required hardware resources as follows:

mos + (matlab * numSessions)

If you support MATLAB versions, then calculate the concurrent MATLAB session resources as follows:

mos + (matlab1 * numSessions1) + ... + (matlabN * numSessionsN)

  • mos — Hardware requirements for a single MATLAB Online Server instance, which include the requirements for installing Kubernetes and other core server components, as shown in this table.

    MATLAB Online Server Requirements

    SpecificationRecommendedMinimum for Validation
    CPU or GPU8-core with AVX2 instruction set support4-core with AVX2 instruction set support
    RAM32 GB16 GB
    Free Disk Space120 GB60 GB

    Core count is based on physical cores, which can represent actual server hardware or cores on a virtual machine (VM). Hyperthreading is ignored for the purposes of counting cores.

  • matlab — Hardware requirements for a single MATLAB session running on a server instance.

    MATLAB Requirements

    SpecificationRecommended (Desktop Equivalent)Recommended (Laptop Equivalent)Minimum for Validation
    CPU or GPU16-core with AVX2 instruction set support4-core with AVX2 instruction set support2-core with AVX2 instruction set support
    RAM64 GB16 GB8 GB
    Free Disk Space100+ GB100 GB6 GB

    For more details on MATLAB requirements, see MATLAB Systems Requirements for Linux.

  • numSessions — Number of concurrent MATLAB sessions that you want to support based on your end user count.

License Requirements

MATLAB Online Server

MATLAB Online Server is provisioned as a Concurrent license in units of server instances. A server instance corresponds to a URL endpoint within your organization that your users can navigate to for the purpose of accessing MATLAB Online™. There are no licensing limits to the number of users you can serve with one server instance, but your ability to scale depends on the underlying hardware configuration you select.

MATLAB Online Server is configured to work with the network license manager. You can use the network license manager that you install using the MathWorks® product installer or reuse your existing license manager.


In addition to a MATLAB Online Server license, the use of MATLAB licenses that use a network license manager is required. Supported license types are Concurrent, Network Named User, and Enterprise licenses.

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