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Install Support Packages for MATLAB on MATLAB Online Server

A support package is a type of add-on that enables MATLAB® users to use a MathWorks® product with specific third-party hardware and software. This topic describes how to install support packages in MATLAB Online™ so that they are accessible by all users.


Before you begin, make sure you have done the following tasks:

  • Installed the Linux® version of MATLAB to the /MATLAB folder.

  • Installed and configured MATLAB Online Server™.

Change Support Package Root

  1. Create a folder inside /MATLAB named SupportPackages:

    mkdir /MATLAB/SupportPackages

  2. Open MATLAB.


  3. In MATLAB, change the support package root to the SupportPackages folder.


  4. Restart MATLAB.

Install Support Packages

  1. From within the restarted MATLAB, sign in to your MathWorks Account.

  2. Install any required support packages using the instructions in Get and Manage Add-Ons on the MathWorks website.

    Support packages that install third party applications on the machine are not supported.

  3. To verify that the support packages are installed successfully, launch MATLAB and then execute the following command:

    supportPackages = matlabshared.supportpkg.getInstalled

  4. To verify that the support packages are available in MATLAB Online, launch MATLAB in the browser and then execute the following command:

    addons = matlab.addons.installedAddons

  5. Exit MATLAB.

  6. From the Linux command line, delete the licenses folder under /MATLAB.

    sudo rm -rf /MATLAB/licenses

Build MATLAB Image

  1. From the installation you just performed, build the MATLAB image using the following command:

    sudo ./mosadm build-matlab-image /MATLAB

    If you have a multi-node installation, you can retag the Docker® images and then push them to a remote Docker registry using the mosadm push-docker-images command. Replace registryName with the name of your Docker registry and repositoryName with the name of your repository.

    mosadm push-docker-images --deployment-image-registry registryName --deployment-image-repository repositoryName

  2. Use mosadm to redeploy the MATLAB pool service using the following commands:

    ./mosadm undeploy matlab-pool
    ./mosadm deploy matlab-pool

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