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(To be removed) Trim map data exceeding projection limits

The trimdata function will be removed in a future release.


[ymat,xmat,trimpts] = trimdata(ymat,ylim,xmat,xlim,object)


[ymat,xmat,trimpts] = trimdata(ymat,ylim,xmat,xlim,object) identifies points in map data that exceed projection limits. The projection limits are defined by the lower and upper inputs.


To clip vector data that is represented by a shape object in planar coordinates, use the mapclip function. To crop raster data that is represented by an array and a map raster reference object, use the mapcrop function.

The particular object to be trimmed is identified by the object input. Allowable objects are

  • 'surface' for trimming graticules

  • 'light' for trimming lights,

  • 'line' for trimming lines

  • 'patch' for trimming patches

  • 'text' for trimming text object location points

  • 'none' to skip all trimming operations

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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R2024a: To be removed

The trimdata function issues a warning that it will be removed in a future release.

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