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Setup and Configuration

Install hardware support, update firmware, configure hardware connection

The embedded target for Intel® SoC devices enables you to:

  • Build a Simulink® model that loads and runs an executable on the ARM® Cortex®-A processor in the Intel SoC device.

  • Use the capabilities and features described in Supported Features for Intel SoC Platform.

To get this embedded target, perform the steps described in Add Support for Intel SoC Platform.


alterasocDisplay most recent IP address, user name, and password


Run on Hardware Board - Intel SoC DevicesBuild, deploy, and run models on connected hardware boards (Since R2019b)



Get the IP Address of Intel SoC Device

You can get the IP address of the Intel SoC hardware from the MATLAB® Command Window or using the Linux® command line.

Sending PING Request to Intel SoC Device

Process to PING an Intel SoC hardware board connected to your development computer.

Configure Network Interface Card (NIC) on Development Computer

Configure a Network Interface Card (NIC) on development computer to connect to hardware board.