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Retrieve Money.Net News Stories Using Money.Net Web Socket Interface

This example shows how to retrieve news stories from Money.Net in different ways using the Money.Net web socket interface. You can search for a specific number of news stories, search for news stories using specific filter criteria, or you can stream news stories in real time.

To run this example, you need a Money.Net user name and password. To request these credentials, contact Money.Net.

Create Money.Net Connection

Create the Money.Net web socket interface connection c using a user name and password.

username = "";
pwd = "999999";

c = moneynetws(username,pwd);

Retrieve Specific Number of News Stories

Retrieve news data n for 10 news stories using the Money.Net connection c.

n = news(c,Number=10);

Search News Stories Using Search Term

Retrieve news stories that mention the term Windows®. n is a table with data for 50 news stories.

term = "Windows";
n = news(c,SearchTerm=term);

Search News Stories Using Category

Retrieve news stories in the general finance category. n is a table with data for 50 news stories.

category = "General Finance";
n = news(c,Category=category);

Search News Stories Using Symbol

Retrieve news stories that contain the symbol for Microsoft®. n is a table with data for 50 news stories.

symbol = "MSFT";
n = news(c,Symbol=symbol);

Analyze News Stories for Analyst Ratings

Search the analyst ratings category for Microsoft. Return 100 news stories.

symbol = "MSFT";
category = "Analyst Ratings";
n = news(c,Number=100,Symbol=symbol,Category=category);

Perform a non-case-sensitive search of the headlines using contains. Here, assume that the word "buy" represents a buy rating for Microsoft from an investment analyst. Count the occurrences of buy ratings in the 100 news stories.

headlines = n.headline;
sentiment = contains(headlines,"buy",IgnoreCase=true);
buys = sum(sentiment);

To compare buy ratings against sell and hold ratings, replace "buy" with the corresponding term and count the occurrences. With these counts, you can see which ratings are more common.

Stream News Stories in Real Time

Start the subscription to the Money.Net real-time news data stream using the default event handler function mnNewsStreamEventHandler. The function mnNewsStreamEventHandler processes news data events by populating the workspace variable mnNewsStreamLatest with the latest news stories. News stories populate in the mnNewsStreamLatest variable until it contains 10 rows. Then, the latest news stories overwrite the older ones in mnNewsStreamLatest. To access the code for this function, enter edit mnNewsStreamEventHandler.m.


The workspace variable mnNewsStreamLatest appears in the MATLAB® Workspace. To see the latest 10 news stories, open mnNewsStreamLatest in the Variables editor.

Stop the real-time news data stream.


Money.Net stops updating news stories in mnNewsStreamLatest.

Close Money.Net Connection


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