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Historical and real-time data from FactSet®

Datafeed Toolbox™ functions enable you to create FactSet and FactSet Workstation connections and retrieve both historical and real-time data.

To retrieve historical data, first create a FactSet connection by using the factset function, and then use the fetch function.

To retrieve real-time data, first create a FactSet Workstation connection by using the fds function, and then use the realtime function.


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factsetFactSet connection
fetchRequest data from FactSet
getRetrieve properties of FactSet connection object
isconnectionDetermine if connections to FactSet are valid
closeClose connection to FactSet
fdsFactSet Workstation connection
realtimeObtain real-time data from FactSet Workstation
stopCancel real-time request
closeDisconnect from FactSet Workstation