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Requirements for the MATLAB Compiler SDK Java Target

System Requirements

System requirements and restrictions on use of the MATLAB® Compiler SDK™ Java® target are as follows:

  • The MATLAB Compiler™ product must be installed.

  • Java Development Kit must be installed.

  • Java Runtime Environment that is used by MATLAB and MATLAB Runtime


    You should be using the same major version of Java that ships with MATLAB. To find out what version of Java MATLAB is running, enter the following MATLAB command:

    version -java

Path Modifications Required for Accessibility

In order to use some screen-readers or assistive technologies, such as JAWS®, you must add the following DLLs to your Windows® path:

You may not be able to use such technologies without doing so.

Limitations of the MATLAB Compiler SDK Java Target

MATLAB Java External Interface

JAR files created by MATLAB Compiler SDK cannot be loaded back into MATLAB with the MATLAB Java External Interface.

MATLAB Objects

The MATLAB Compiler SDK product's Java target does not support MATLAB object data types. MATLAB objects cannot "pass" the MATLAB/Java boundary. However, you are free to use objects in your MATLAB code.