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Calculate number of turns for specified arm length in rectangular spiral antenna

Since R2020a



Nturns = rectspirallength2turns(ant,reqtotalarmlength) calculates the equivalent number of turns for a specified total arm length in a rectangular spiral antenna.


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Create a single arm rectangular spiral antenna with a total arm length of 291 mm.

ant = spiralRectangular(NumArms=1, NumTurns=3, InitialLength=4.5e-3,...
              InitialWidth=4.5e-3, Spacing=3.3e-3, StripWidth=1.2e-3);
nT = rectspirallength2turns(ant,291e-3);
ant.NumTurns = nT;

Input Arguments

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Rectangular spiral antenna, specified as a spiralRectangular object.

Total length of the rectangular spiral antenna arm, specified as a scalar in meters. In case of dual arm, the input takes the length of any one of the arms.

Example: 33e-3

Output Arguments

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Equivalent number of turns for a specified total arm length, returned as a scalar.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a