Complex Morlet wavelet


[PSI,X] = cmorwavf(LB,UB,N,FB,FC)


[PSI,X] = cmorwavf(LB,UB,N,FB,FC) returns values of the complex Morlet wavelet defined by a positive bandwidth parameter FB, a wavelet center frequency FC, and the expression

PSI(X) = ((pi*FB)^(-0.5))*exp(2*i*pi*FC*X)*exp(-X^2/FB) 

on an N point regular grid for the interval [LB,UB].

Output arguments are the wavelet function PSI computed on the grid X.

Complex Morlet Wavelet

Construct a complex-valued Morlet wavelet with a bandwidth parameter of 1.5 and a center frequency of 1. Set the effective support to $[-8,8]$ and the length of the wavelet to 1000.

N = 1000;
Lb = -8;
Ub = 8;
fb = 1.5;
fc = 1;
[psi,x] = cmorwavf(Lb,Ub,N,fb,fc);

Plot the real and imaginary parts of the wavelet.

plot(x,real(psi)); title('Real Part');
plot(x,imag(psi)); title('Imaginary Part');


Teolis, A. (1998), Computational signal processing with wavelets, Birkhauser, p. 65.

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