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Class: handle

Notify listeners that event is occurring




notify(H,EventName) notifies listeners that the named event is taking place on the handle objects in H.

notify(H,EventName,data) includes user-defined event data.

Input Arguments

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Event source, specified as a handle array. All of the objects in H must define the named event.

Name of event, specified as case-sensitive, quoted text that is defined by the class of H.

User-defined event data, specified as an object that is a subclass of the event.EventData class. For information on defining event data, see Define Event-Specific Data.

    Note:   Listener callbacks should not reuse the same event data object in subsequent calls to notify. Always create a new event data object to pass to notify.



To learn about attributes of methods, see Method Attributes in the MATLAB® Object-Oriented Programming documentation.

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