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Calling Functions

MATLAB® provides a large number of functions that perform computational tasks. Functions are equivalent to subroutines or methods in other programming languages.

To call a function, such as max, enclose its input arguments in parentheses:

A = [1 3 5];
ans =


If there are multiple input arguments, separate them with commas:

B = [10 6 4];
ans =

    10     6     5

Return output from a function by assigning it to a variable:

maxA = max(A)
maxA =


When there are multiple output arguments, enclose them in square brackets:

[maxA,location] = max(A)
maxA =


location =


Enclose any character inputs in single quotes:

disp('hello world')
hello world

To call a function that does not require any inputs and does not return any outputs, type only the function name:


The clc function clears the Command Window.

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