Process Automation Systems and Industrial Control Equipment

Flexible and accurate process automation systems are critical to the profitability of processing and manufacturing operations. Developing applications for monitoring and controlling the plants can be difficult, because testing the applications in actual plants is expensive and dangerous. System designers often rely on simulation to validate their solutions before implementation.

Modern distributed control systems (DCS) offer advanced control and monitoring functionality. MathWorks software for multivariable control, PID control, fuzzy logic, and neural networks help automation system designers develop these modern applications by providing a flexible desktop prototyping environment. Using MATLAB and Simulink, these applications can be thoroughly exercised against process models representing operating and upset conditions too costly or unsafe for testing in the field. Both MATLAB and Simulink offer ANSI/ISO compliant C code generation to eliminate manual translation errors and streamline deployment of the DCS. Developers can further validate their applications operating on the DCS by using OPC Toolbox to connect to process simulations running in MATLAB or Simulink.

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