Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing

Over the past few decades, genomics has become a key technology for deciphering life’s code and for engineering phenotypes.

As sequencing costs continue to drop and workflows become increasingly automated, researchers need to make sense of ever larger sets of data about individuals or groups of organisms. They need to decipher relationships between these sequences and their function in health and disease.

MATLAB® provides a platform for researchers working with biological sequence data including common algorithms for autocorrelation, BLAST, Needleman-Wunsch, global sequence alignment, whole genome comparison, and read counting. Researchers can read data from multiple sequence databases such as KEGG and NCBI. MATLAB provides related capabilities including statistics or machine learning, visualizing molecules, and GPU support. As a result, a global community of scientific researchers and bioinformatics professionals have developed and shared a broad range of open-source toolboxes written in MATLAB.

Community Apps and Toolboxes

  • Bmix: Identification of RNA interaction sites of a protein
  • BOBA FRET: Tethered single-molecule FRET data analysis
  • DeAnnCNV: Number variations from whole-exome sequencing
  • DeltaProt: Comparative genomics
  • ESCAPE: Integration of high-content stem cell data
  • FastMotif: Sequence motif discovery
  • FUGA: Analysis of complex biological networks
  • GeneNet Toolbox: Analysis of connectivity in gene networks
  • GWAS-NR version 2.0: Identification of correlations of multiple genomic regions
  • Magenta: Genetic associations in functionally related genes
  • MATLABStarter: A series of startup functions for MATLAB to set up a multi-user environment
  • MBEToolbox 2.0: DNA and protein sequence analysis
  • MCaVoH: Cluster 16S rRNA sequence data
  • MEIGO: Global optimization in systems biology
  • MSKCC CGDS Cancer Genomics Toolbox: Cancer genomics server at MSK
  • OncoSNP-SEQ: Identification of somatic copy number alterations in NGS data
  • PGEToolbox: Population genetics and evolution
  • PROPER: Evaluation of ranking classifiers for data mining
  • RVD: Detection of rare single nucleotide variants
  • SEK: Estimation of bacterial community composition
  • spads 1.0: Population genetic variability
  • WaveCNV: Identification of copy number alterations in tumors

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