Learn about HIL simulation in the field of battery management systems (BMS) and control applications. Validate and test BMS algorithms and controls applications before they are deployed in the field.
This example demonstrates HIL testing at 1MHz time-steps to simulate discrete switching events for power electronics control applications such as motor drives and power converters.
The goal of the webinar is to provide an overview of the real-time simulation and testing (RTST) solution from MathWorks and Speedgoat for RCP/HIL. Take your control design from a desktop simulation and test it in real time with hardware and I/O.
In this webinar we explain the process of selecting Speedgoat target computer and I/O hardware for an application or range of applications defined by the characteristics of the physical system for the real-time applications you want to create.
This webinar is primarily targeted towards engineers who want to verify, validate, and test their designs initially on the desktop and take them to real-time simulation and testing.
Learn how to perform HIL simulation for building real-time applications. In this webinar, we present an overview of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and testing using Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat target hardware.
Learn about medical device prototyping, real-time simulation, and testing with Simulink Real-Time.
Learn how to easily connect your Simulink models to your hardware to continue designing, evaluating, and proving your algorithms in real time.
Go beyond software-only simulation to quickly and efficiently test your Simulink control designs in real time while connecting to hardware.
Real-time simulation and testing with Simulink Real-Time. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation and testing with MATLAB and Simulink. Rapid controls prototyping by creating a real-time application from Simulink.
Learn how to create a real-time driving simulator with Vehicle Dynamics Blockset, Simulink Real-Time, and Speedgoat.
In this webinar, you will learn how to use Model-Based Design to perform ECU calibration and bypassing with Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat target computer and I/O hardware.