Build, run, and test real-time applications with Simulink Real-Time.
Use Speedgoat real-time target machines and I/O modules as dedicated target computer hardware for Simulink Real-Time. Video produced by Speedgoat.
Create and use instrument panels as user interfaces for real-time applications in Simulink Real-Time Explorer.
Use Simulink Real-Time Explorer to manage real-time applications including loading and reloading the applications onto the connected target computer.
Use MathWorks tools for developing and testing Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) algorithms in real time.
Automate test execution to enhance testing in Simulink Real-Time using Simulink Report Generator.
Use multiple cores of a Speedgoat target computer to run high-fidelity plant models with Simulink Real-Time.
Run a typical hardware-in-the loop simulation for industrial automation applications. An industrial programmable logic controller runs the control algorithm that is connected to a plant simulation, which is a Simulink Real-Time application.
Use UDP support from Simulink Real-Time to communicate between target computers in real-time.
Use raw Ethernet support from Simulink Real-Time to communicate between target computers in real-time.
See a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation environment based on scalable and expandable hardware that allows you to recreate and test the entire autonomous car software stack on highly dynamic driving scenarios.
Find out how to develop an active noise cancellation system. Learn the basic concepts, understand how to model the whole system with Simulink, and discover how to automatically prototype designs on an ultra-low latency audio real-time target machine.
Engineers design and model the controller, run real-time simulations, and deploy a production system.