Options for Getting Started with MATLAB Parallel Server

MATLAB Parallel Server™ can be used in a variety of environments. Use the following table to determine which option is best for you. In each case, it’s easy for users of MATLAB Parallel Server to get started if they have access to the cluster. Note that if you use online licensing, you must link your MathWorks Account to the license.

Cluster Environment Option

Admin/IT Effort Required for
Set Up 

Initial Set Up for Each New Cluster

Job Scheduler

Recommended License Manager*

Preconfigured Cloud Clusters for MATLAB

Cloud Center and cloud reference architectures for Azure and Amazon Web Services


Set up with web application or templates

MATLAB Job Scheduler

Online Licensing

Dedicated Cluster for MATLAB

Personal clusters, group clusters, departmental clusters


Installation and configuration of software and scheduler

MATLAB Job Scheduler

Online Licensing

General Purpose Clusters and Custom Clouds

HPC centers, organizational clusters, departmental clusters


Installation of software and integration with existing scheduler

Supported third-party schedulers

Network License Manager

Clusters Set Up by MathWorks Partners



Handled by partner

Varies by partner

Network License Manager

*Note: For standard and academic term licenses, you can change your license and installation to use either the network license manager or online licensing. For assistance, contact Support.

Learn More About Each Cluster Environment

Preconfigured Cloud Clusters for MATLAB

This option enables you to use a customizable, preconfigured cloud cluster, so you don’t have to start from scratch. You can choose from two options: MathWorks Cloud Center or MathWorks reference architectures. Whether you choose Cloud Center or a MathWorks reference architecture, you can contact Support for help with set up. Note that in all situations, you will be billed separately by your cloud resource provider for your use of cloud resources.

Cloud Center

MathWorks Cloud Center is a web application that allows you to set up a MATLAB Parallel Server cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the push of a button. You provide your AWS credentials and a MATLAB Parallel Server license set up for online licensing, and Cloud Center can set up customized clusters that you can restart from the MATLAB desktop.

MathWorks Reference Architectures

MathWorks provides reference architectures for using MATLAB Parallel Server on AWS and Azure. The reference architectures offer best practices for quickly creating, configuring, and deploying a cluster with MATLAB Parallel Server and MATLAB Job Scheduler. MathWorks provides templates that use preconfigured AMIs and virtual machines to create the required cluster infrastructure. This means you can configure the infrastructure and software in less time.

The reference architectures are intended as a starting point. You can modify your implementation or combine with other reference architectures for MATLAB or MATLAB Production Server. If you would rather try parallel computing on a single machine in the cloud, you can use a MATLAB reference architecture: MATLAB on Azure, MATLAB on AWS.

Dedicated Clusters for MATLAB 

If you need to use more compute resources for your MATLAB or Simulink workflow, have dedicated hardware available, and are familiar with basic system administration, you can set up your own dedicated cluster. To get set up, integrate MATLAB Job Scheduler for online licensing. There is no additional charge for using MATLAB Job Scheduler, and you can get up and running quickly by following the steps in the Admin Center UI. As long as your network allows it, you can set up you cluster so that you and others can access your cluster directly from your desktop computer running MATLAB. If you have any question regarding set up, you can contact Support.

If you are a MATLAB user and you want to find ready-to-use clusters in your organization, you can Discover Clusters.

General Purpose Clusters and Custom Clouds

You can control how MATLAB Parallel Server works with your cluster. MATLAB Parallel Server supports submission via supported third-party cluster schedulers, and allows users to submit work from a login node or, optionally, from a MATLAB session running on their desktop computer. The generic scheduler interface provides the most control for configuring the plugins that allow MATLAB to communicate with your scheduler. If you have any questions regarding set up, you can contact Support.

If you are a MATLAB user and there is a general-purpose cluster in your organization, check with your cluster administrator to see if there is already a cluster with MATLAB Parallel Server installed.

Clusters Set Up by MathWorks Partners

Use this option if you prefer to have your cluster managed by a third-party partner. You can run your MATLAB applications and Simulink models on preconfigured high-performance clusters from hosting providers that allow you to use your MATLAB Parallel Server license in their environments.

Third-party partners include: